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Reborning dolls began in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s when doll enthusiasts wanted to create a more lifelike doll, out of which the process of reborning vinyl dolls was established. A new doll arrived on the market called the Berusa from  Spain or the Berenguer in the U.S. These dolls had realistic cherubic faces and detailed hands and feet that lent themselves perfectly to reborning.  Though sold as a toy, dollmakers soon found themselves purchasing the dolls to reborn and create what is now known as the reborn. Kits were quickly available as reborning gained light and became a more popular form of dollmaking next to the porcelain and cloth doll. Though termed as newborns, the name reborn has stuck for both original reborns and those created using a kit.

The original reborns were created through a process of removing factory paint, removing eyes and sanding any areas of the moulded hairline. The doll was then repainted using thin layers of oil or stencil paint diluted using a thinning medium, hair was micro-rooted by hand using a felting needle and new more realistic eyes were added, creating a lifelike ‘baby’. The first reborn doll went on ebay in 2002 and was the pioneer of a now huge online market for doll enthusiasts to sell and purchase on the auction site. As reborning evolved, talented sculptors began to create blank vinyl doll kits thus taking away the time consuming need to remove factory paint and details. Adding more realistic baby features to these kits has enabled reborning to take on a life of it’s own and talented reborners to create breathtakingly realistic dolls.

With the internet providing a huge market for reborns, old techniques were adapted and new ones were established, the use of mohair for micro-rooting hair and eyelashes, fine detailing of veins and milkspots to create a depth of realism not before seen in the art of reborning. Quality of materials has also matched demand with lifelike eyes, quality hair and Genesis heat set paints made available to enable artists to breathe life into their dolls. With a competitive market for quality lifelike reborns, the demand for high quality materials and realistic babies will only increase with no doubt more exciting developments to come in the field of reborning.....